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  Pastoral Review: Fr. Vincent M. Gilmore 2017

Dear Parishioner,

The Archbishop of Seattle and his staff meet regularly with Pastors and Priest Administrators to assist them in reviewing their ministry. This feedback form is an optional part of the ongoing review process in which you are invited to participate. The questions are about your experience with your parish and, more particularly, your experience with me as your Priest Administrator.

All of your responses will be held in confidence and the report prepared for me will not identify any individual. The only person who will see your name (which is requested at the end of the survey) is the Director of Research for the Archdiocese. All personal identifiers will be removed from any comments before I see them.

I encourage you to fill out this short survey. The experiences you share will help with the evaluation of parish life and leadership, as well as my effectiveness as your Priest Administrator. In addition, the findings can assist us as we grow as a faith community together. Please respond by October 11, 2017.

In Christ,

Father Vincent
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